The robot will be leading the mainstream education or Chinese children learning


This year's Gala, a program of Guangzhou branch field to win the domestic and foreign media "a piece of applause". The singer Sun Nan's show, there are Five hundred and forty A robot is arranged into four squares, accompanied by "the rush, rushed to the highest peak of the song, the robot with two arms, legs and back then, waving to the air, uniform, magnificent.

Dance Gala robot

Today, the rapid development of the Internet, big data technology, intelligent robot is more and more fast. Some large enterprises such as Google, Amazon, apple and so on the robot at the same time, also want robots to replace workers, saving cost. The future, the robot will continue to penetrate into our work, study and life , Play an increasingly important role.

Application of robot in life

Chinese in recent years, more and more attention to the development of the robot industry, the research on artificial intelligence, The machine substitutions plan, display a variety of high-end intelligent robot technology exhibition...... More and more robots in the world around us. Two thousand and fifteen At the end of the Robot World Congress held in Beijing, sent a letter to President Xi said: Chinese the robot into the field of national innovation focus. Intelligent robots are involved in human life and work is an inevitable trend.

In recent years, the state explicitly introduced policies, to strengthen the scientific practice of young children. meanwhile Two thousand and sixteen year Three month Fourteen On the implementation of national action plan for scientific literacy program introduced by the State Council "( Two thousand and sixteen - Two thousand and twenty "In the years) clearly put forward to vigorously carry out activities outside the school of science and technology education, give full play to promote the role of non formal education, promote the establishment of internal and external system, the combination of formal and non formal education of science and technology, called on widely organized school science festival, science and technology week, science day, public science day, the red scarf technology associations, Kejizhiguang expert services group and other activities.

Science education has attracted much attention, and it is very feasible to refine the robot education, quality education and scientific standards closely and times. The robot is not only learning robot is learning knowledge, it has become an effective means for students to explore scientific knowledge and methods for children to learn to the future. I believe, the robot will lead to another mainstream education China children learn science!

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Robot scientists knowledgeable young China leading education

Knowledgeable young scientists (the original Tsinghua young scientists) by Tsinghua University Department of automation and knowledgeable in Education Group Two thousand and six Develop training courses, is the first launch of the robot, to fill the gaps in science education system in china. The course is conform to the trend of development of global science and technology education, to cultivate 3-16 The age of children's scientific inquiry ability as the goal, curriculum designers, including small, small science letaotao architects, engineers, engineers and other small small. The curriculum standards of international large-scale events, with the aid of splicing international advanced, entertaining, step by step, let the students in the comprehensive use of logical thinking and mathematical and biological information technology and knowledge, gradual